Dog Boarding

Bliss Boarding Indoor Guests

Does your dog expect to enjoy human attention throughout a typical day at home? Is he used to being indoors, on the loose, free to choose his own happy place? Perhaps he likes to be next to your feet while you work at the desk? Some dogs are used to staying indoors all day with ongoing human interaction and freedom to roam the house. If you answered yes, this is how our own dogs spend the day and it is why we founded Bliss Boarding. Some pets are used to a little more attention, a little more freedom, a little more comfort in plush surroundings…. and this is why we are here.

Standard Dog Boarding:
Your pet’s indoor boarding area features porcelain tile, central air conditioning and heat, music, sunshine, windows, and much more. Your dog will spend most of his time in our indoor kennel area with five visits outside each day for some fun in the sun.

We do our best to keep your pups in their normal routine by adhering to their regular feeding and “in and out” schedule. Just bring his bed pillow, blanket, food, and favorite toy and we will take it from there.

Potty breaks include fun time to explore the outdoors every 2-3 hours, for at least FIVE times per day. Must be fully potty-trained and on a flea prevention medicine, such as Comfortis. At bedtime, your pet will sleep indoors, in a private crate with his own bedding and toys… Because after a long day of playing with our friends, it is so nice to retreat into our own personal space for some peace and quiet.

Standard Dog Boarding Rates:
$30.00 per day

Additional dogs from the same family enjoy a $5.00 discount.

You may add on the “Sporty Puppy” and/or “Snuggle Puppy Package” for our premium indoor boarding experience. Details below.

Space is limited. Reservations are pre-paid. Yes, we take checks, cash, and credit cards.


Indoor Stays of 14 nights or more – Discount $17- off the final, total cost. One discount per household, ie, in a multiple dog family, one discount is available.

Cash discount – 5% off total bill (Sorry, checks are not cash).

Add On Options

Premium Food – Taste of the Wild Brand, Bison and Venison flavor. Available for $5.00 per day. You may provide your own dog food for no extra fee.

Puppies under 1 year – Please add $10.00 per day.

Pick up and Drop off – $12.00 round trip in Liberty Hill for one dog. $6.00 for each additional pet. Delivery on Sunday is $14.00 additional. Based on availability. Must be scheduled in advance and pre-paid. Call to discuss cost for your address. Leander and Cedar Park = $30.00; Georgetown = $40.00

Toy – $7.00 and up
Choose from our selection of toys to please your pup. It will be sent home with your dog to enjoy long after their vacation.

Busy Bone – $4.00
A Kong toy filled with peanut butter, dog cookies or crunchy kibbles in your dog’s kennel.

Menu Selections
We also offer a menu to cater to the finickiest palate….

Scrambled Eggs with Toast – $7.00

Savory Chicken Breast – $8.00

Beef Sausage Treats – $4.00
Milo’s Kitchen Home-Style Beef Sausage Slices with Rice Dog Treats are an ideal snack for your pooch. The treats are made from real, wholesome ingredients to provide a healthy snack. The treats do not contain any artificial colors or flavors. Learn more about this product here:

Chicken Meatballs Treats – $4.00
Milo’s Kitchen Chicken Meatballs are a favorite for our dogs. These treats do not contain any artificial colors or flavors. Learn more about this product here:

Duck Breast Jerky Treats – $4.00
Most dogs love the taste of jerky. These come from cage-free ducks and have no added hormones, no antibiotics, no fillers, and no byproducts. This one is from Happy Hips and it is rich in protein and low in fat with added Vitamin E, Glucosamine, and Chondroitin to help maintain healthy joints. A healthy supplement between meals for adult dogs. Learn more about this product here:

$20.00 per day
( in addition to the daily boarding charge )

Your pup will enjoy a daily 1×1 intense play session outdoors with time spent walking or hiking (depending on his ability) or playing fetch taking in the wildlife and outdoor scenery for an hour. Lots of water for hydration and a gourmet treat is added to get ready for some quality rest.

$20.00 per day
( in addition to the daily boarding charge )

Guests who add on the “Snuggle Puppy package,” will enjoy our standard indoor boarding features and expand their space to include our 2,300 foot home with more porcelain tile and real teak hardwoods in the family room. Boarding with BLISS is not your ordinary dog boarding experience and this is why space is limited. Your pets deserve the best of attention in a space just like they enjoy at home. Plus, these pets will enjoy human companionship throughout the day, which means lots more snuggles and pets! A gourmet treat and extra soothing pats is added to get ready to turn in for the night.