Pet Boarding and Pet Sitting Services

Bliss Boarding is super excited to offer our friends in 78642 – Liberty Hill, TX a new option for deluxe pet boarding services. When you have to travel, there is no reason for your pet to sit at home and wait hours every day for a few brief moments with the pet sitter. Instead, bring your BFF to us and let him ENJOY his own VACATION packed with a full day of fun play at our two acre tree covered property!

We know this is Liberty Hill and some people have so many pets there’s just no way you could board them all with us. Please email us to discuss pet sitting instead. We know and love chickens too! Pricing depends on the number of daily visits, number of animals, and the care needed. It’s a lot easier to care for six outdoor cats than six indoor only cats, for example.

For dogs who are used to the good life indoors, we offer boarding that’s not just indoors, but inside our family home. Even indoor pups will enjoy our heavily tree covered two acre back yard, safe inside the confines of a new five foot tall woven wire fence. And, inside the fenced area we have personal, professional, escape-proof kennels for each pup. For multiple pet families, we offer multiple pet discounts. If you love a kitty cat, she will find a happy place inside our home. If you have some fishies, bring the tank on over, we love to watch fish. If you have birds, bring the cage, we love to sing to the birds, and we’ll keep them cozy. Do you have hermit crabs? Our sons have them too, bring your habitat. Bearded dragons are awesome, bring ’em over and we will keep them safe and happy while you are away. (-:

Put your mouse above the navigation bar above, where it says “Services” and click on the drop down menu for more details on what you are looking for…. Dog Boarding, Cat Boarding, and Exotic Pet Boarding. Stay tuned, because we even have plans in the works to offer Grooming and Training Services.

When you gotta go on vacation, bring your furry (or, uh, feathery and scaly) BFFs to Bliss Boarding so they can go on a happy holiday too. Go ahead, plan your trip, and then book your pet’s vacay with us, and be happy! Remember, we offer deluxe boarding and space is limited. You might even consider checking with us for availability BEFORE you book your vacation. Pre-pay to guarantee your space is reserved, and relax because at Bliss Boarding, our goal is to make you MORE HAPPY.