Why Choose Bliss?

… Choose Bliss Boarding for deluxe boarding options at our 2,300 square foot family home, on two heavily treed acres. If dogs bark here, it’s because they see a squirrel or a deer running nearby. No worries, there’s no concrete and no crowding here at Bliss. You can even choose for your dog to stay in our home with our pet-loving family, with free run of the house and a fenced back yard where he can run and play.

Or, you could subject your pets to crowded kennels, boarding, or daycare facilities where your pet may have psychological trauma from being confined in a concrete cage or other confined space with non-stop barking around them.

… Bliss Boarding is available 24×7 for your pets and we will make sure they have plenty of food and water, lots of personal attention throughout the day, in a SAFE and HAPPY place, so your pet enjoys a VACATION too.

Or, you could leave your pets alone and unattended in your home with a large supply of food and water while you’re away. Your pet might knock over their food or water bowls, trap themselves in rooms, choke on something, and while you are away, now you get to worry about “what if” a fire or other unforeseen emergency happens.

… Bliss Boarding is in business to MAKE YOU and YOUR PETS HAPPY while you are away.

Unfortunately, pets left alone for long period of time can get stressed out. Long days of solitude can make an animal depressed, lethargic, and anxious… even destructive when left alone for too long. Even the best behaved pets can get separation anxiety which causes them to destroy all sorts of things, like furniture, flooring, or window treatments.

… Bliss Boarding is affordable and we’ll never leave your pet outside if it is too hot, too cold, too wet, or too anything. We offer indoor boarding for dogs who are used to being indoors, and our outside dogs each have their own professional kennel surrounded by a five foot tall woven mesh fence. They are safe with us.

Or, you could leave your dog in the back yard unattended to face unexpected weather conditions, be vulnerable to nighttime predators, escape through a weak point in your fence, or bark incessantly causing neighbor frustration and worse, impoundment by officials.

… Bliss Boarding is professional, taking care of animals is our passion, and we will never go inside your house. Your privacy is guaranteed with our service, it’s in-home, but OUR home, not yours.

Or, you could leave your pet care with a neighbor’s kid. Children and teenagers can be forgetful and may not live up to the desired pet care responsibilities, possibly even forgetting to show up as scheduled. Even those with the best of intentions and efforts can still fall far short in properly caring for your pet or acting on an emergency with your pet or home. What is going to happen when they forget to come, lock your keys in the house, when they snoop around your personal stuff, or worse, take something?

… Bliss Boarding is affordable, reliable, professional, experienced, and insured.

Sure, you could shop for a pet sitter on price alone. Unfortunately, the lowest-cost providers lack insurance, training, and reliability. I heard of a woman in Round Rock who will watch your dogs for $20- a day in her dirty, disgusting house along with 20 other dogs on the loose. Or, you could hire another low price person to pet sit at your house. The problem is, you won’t know until later if he was actually smart enough to NOT clean up a mess with paper towels, flush them down the toilet, flooding the house, so you can come home to find thousands of dollars of damage to add to that super cheap pet sitter bill. It happens, this was an insurance claim filed recently.

… Bliss Boarding is here for you, email us 24×7 to discuss your needs. And, we can schedule your pet’s reservation up to a year in advance. By pre-booking, you are eligible for multi-day discounts. Plan ahead. Save money with Bliss Boarding.

Or, wait until the last minute to reserve your pet care service. You will soon discover the top-notch pet care providers booked up quickly and you will be stuck without a sitter, forced to change your plans, or make sacrifices in your pet’s care.

Clearly, the smart move is to book with BLISS BOARDING so YOU and YOUR PET can be HAPPIER and more RELAXED while you are away.