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The Prodigal Son Returns

The prodigal son returns. We raised up this guy since he was a chick, for more than two years. No sooner did his long tail start becoming glorious then he decided to fly the coop. After a year away, my boy returned home. So happy to see him.


Pea Chicks

It’s been a while since I gave a peacock update, but here are some photos of our first three pea chicks. They were born around May 27, at my neighbor’s barn. This album includes photos taken on July 31 (at 2 months old). It is amazing how fast and big they are growing….

Emerald and her peachicks are home!

My peahen layed her eggs in my neighbor’s barn and as of this afternoon, Emerald is back home with three new pea chicks! We are all so VERY EXCITED!

Emerald and her peachicks