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Sunrise at Bliss

After all the tons of rain the past few weeks, it was nice to have a peaceful morning with a quiet sunset through the trees. Check out the “sparks” or sun’s rays.

Sunrise with Bliss

Trixie Gets In the Boat

It has rained so much the past few weeks, the yard is a soggy mess and our Trixie found her safe place. She says she is now ready for anything.
Trixie in the Boat

The Prodigal Son Returns

The prodigal son returns. We raised up this guy since he was a chick, for more than two years. No sooner did his long tail start becoming glorious then he decided to fly the coop. After a year away, my boy returned home. So happy to see him.


Hey Ladies!

Here are two of our lovely ladies who love to parade around the Bliss Boarding property.
Lovely Ladies