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July 2013
This summer, our family planned a 3 week long road trip vacation. I did not want to inconvenience my good friend with the care of our Yorkshire Terrier, Jonesie, for such a long time, since he is an inside dog and her Lab is an outside dog. I checked around for alternatives, and I was frustrated when I could not find any to meet my needs, which I thought were pretty basic.

I went to two local vets and got a few business cards for dog sitters who would travel to our house for $25- per visit. I don’t really want strangers in my house and since we work from home, Jonesie is used to going in and out perhaps 6 or more times per day. This $25- per visit price was too high. Even at just three “in and outs” per day, the cost of $75- per day was more than I could stomach over a 3 week vacation. Plus, who knows what he would do to my wood floor or furniture while he would be alone nearly 23 hours per day. I shuddered to think about it. Years ago, I had an otherwise perfect, well behaved Golden Retriever/Chow mix get severe “separation anxiety” when we went away for a weekend…. She went through the house and chewed up and destroyed the bottom of our real wood blinds in every room of the house… about NINE windows. The only blinds she did not get were ones she could not reach.

I checked with a local boarding business, and while I thought their building and property was beautiful and their staff seemed caring and experienced, prices up to $75- per day seemed a bit much to me. My dog does not need to watch television and I do not need to watch him via a webcam. Plus, he would be in a building with many other barking dogs and not his usual amount of human interaction throughout the course of the day. Jonesie (our Yorkie) weighs 10 pounds and he has a small bladder. I worried that his being alone for so long in the indoor/outdoor room/cement floor-cage area might confuse his potty-training sensibilities. It was a nice place, but not appealing to me as a solution.

I visited a local big box pet retailer to see their boarding options and was horrified to find out the dogs are kept in cages/pens and get let out for 30 minutes per day, total. The time is marketed as doggy play time, but really, it means potty time. Potty time, which happens in a room with a chemical-treated carpet for him to do his “business.” Um, I do not want my dog to do business on the floor indoors, and I am a “hippie” who tries to AVOID chemicals.

I thought… there’s GOT to be a BETTER WAY. I can offer a better, happier, and healthier dog boarding experience… The idea for Bliss Boarding was born.

Dec. 2013
We plan to launch the Bliss Boarding Grand Opening in March 2014. We have a special pre- Grand Opening offer going right now too ($25- buys $50- in value). Check the blog for full details. Then call or email us to discuss anytime.

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Less Stress

Your pet will be in our HOME, not a cage. Convenient, quiet, country home location. Trees, squirrels, birds… what more could a dog want? As many “ins and outs” as your pup might need.



Did I mention squirrels? Seriously, our lot is covered in trees and the wildlife around here is amazing. Every day we see deer, squirrels, dove and this is in addition to our family peacock and peahen. We love it out here, 3 miles from town, but far away from traffic and stress.


Personal Attention

We are a family business, we live here 24×7. Your pet will be treated as if it was our own. We are a small “boutique” boarding business on purpose. Too many animals means too much noise and noise is stressful for everyone, animals and people alike.