Monthly Archives: September 2014

Pea Chicks

It’s been a while since I gave a peacock update, but here are some photos of our first three pea chicks. They were born around May 27, at my neighbor’s barn. This album includes photos taken on July 31 (at 2 months old). It is amazing how fast and big they are growing….

BB gets Yelp’d again

Bliss Boarding got Yelp’d for the second time!! BIG THANKS to my favorite crazy cat lady, Jen Lepp.
Jen L’s Review of Bliss Boarding and Pet Sitting Services

Excerpt from Jen’s review…
Clean litter boxes. Full water bowls. The right number of gooshy food cans missing so I knew they were fed. Happy cats. A clean smelling house – and I mean, so fresh and clean smelling our jaws dropped when we walked in. It was like we never left.

I cannot say enough about the folks at Bliss Boarding, and I cannot stress enough how bad things can be when you come home if you choose an irresponsible pet sitter. Don’t make the mistake I did and hire someone other than Bliss to take care of your pet – your pet will thank you.

If the folks are at Bliss are not available, we don’t travel. Period.