Monthly Archives: August 2014


Rosco is also back for his second stay with us, he is an English bulldoggie and so very sweet tempered and gentle despite his macho appearance. (-: What a sweet boy.


Tigger and Trixie come to Bliss!

We adopted two kittens this week! Tigger is an orange and white male tabby and Trixie is silver/grey with a hint of tortoiseshell to her.

Williamson County Regional Shelter ( has quite a few cats available for adoption, with a “donation” as the only fee. The cats are neutered/spayed and have some shots included plus a free well-check from your local vet.



Jude and Zack

Jude and Zack came back for a weekend stay so their family can spend some time celebrating with their human family out of town. These dogs have lots of energy and this morning, Jude was really having fun jumping in and out of the kiddie pool.