Monthly Archives: June 2014

Chili is Back!

Chili is back and he was loving the backyard this morning. He was feeling frisky with temps between 75 and 85.


Jessie Comes to Bliss

Jessie is a 10 month old Blue Heeler mix (aka Australian Cattle Dog) and she is staying with us for the next eleven days. We are super happy today as she was a little unsure about us yesterday, as is typical with her breed, but now she is happy and eager to play. The breed is naturally cautious of strangers and makes an excellent guard dog.

I adore her coat with its mix of solid and spotted (or mottled) patterns…. What a beautiful and playful girl!


Daisy and Sylvester Smile for Me

Our good friends had to leave town for a family funeral and we dropped in to check on Daisy and her kitty friends to make sure they were doing okay. Daisy is a Labrador Retriever and she is always ready to play. Isn’t she beautiful against that lush green grass?

Daisy (Roebuck)

Sylvester is a very friendly kitty and when I arrived, he was chilling out on the top of an awesome cat tower made by her very talented Mama, Jeannette Roebuck.

Sylvester (Roebuck)

JW finds a place at Bliss!

Today the Helms family went to drop off JW for boarding at another establishment as they were literally driving out of town for a vacation…. Even though they made their reservation 3 months ago, the business refused to accept JW because they had missed a previous appointment. (Wow!)

I am so happy they found us and we had just enough space for this big, happy, playful, sweet, loving guy to stay with us for the next 4 days. He is happy to climb in your lap and collect lots of pets!

My boys have declared JW to be “AWESOME” and it is a day like today that we know we are fulfilling our goal…. to make your life MORE HAPPY! I am so glad we could help out Casey and Scott so they could get their vacation started!

JW (Helms)