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Gorgeous Gabe

Gabe is here for a day of PLAY care with Bliss Boarding while his sweet Mama and Dad are off for a class. He is a super ~beautiful~ dog with a fun personality too! We’ve been playing ball and tug of war and a long game of chase and wrestle with Jonesie too!

Gabe - a mini poodle at 8 months


I just realized I never posted a photo of our beloved Jonesie to the Bliss blog! He is a ten pound Yorkshire Terrier and two and half years old. He loves looking out the window and watching for squirrels and chasing balls. He’s a happy boy and we love him so much! Jonesie is truly the inspiration behind Bliss Boarding.

I needed to find a place to board Jonesie for three weeks during our summer vacation… and I was super bummed because I could not find the “perfect match” for our needs. I wanted his care to be just like he has at home…. inside a peaceful home environment, access to “his people” 24×7, six or more potty breaks during the day, lots of pets and play, and I needed to be able to afford it too.

I was unable to find a boarding business to meet all those needs, so I saw the opportunity to offer a better boarding experience…. and BOOM…. Bliss Boarding was born. (-:

Jonesie, beloved pet of the Bliss aka Hamilton family

Bliss Puppy in NEON style!

I saw a “gig” on this cool website called and had to buy it. This artist will turn your artwork or logo into NEON style for just $5.00. Do you like it?


If you go to look up this gig:
“Replicate your text or logo in neon style” by a seller named, “aldodel.”

Yay! Our first review on Yelp!

Oh my gosh, I am so excited! We just got our very first review on Yelp* and it’s for FIVE stars!

You can read the full review and feel free to add your own review too!
Click here to go to the Yelp* page for Bliss Boarding.

THANK YOU bigtime to Jaxi and D.Bo’s Momma, Paulette!