Monthly Archives: February 2014

Driveway Sign Design

Today, I got to redesign our business cards because the font was too small and I also designed a 8 foot by 4 foot sign for the end of our driveway. I am excited to get the sign made and installed. It will look cool because the sign company is going to do a “contour cut” real close around the top. This way, the top edge of the sign will show part of the circle extending above the top edge. It will be neat-o.


Our first guests – Ryker and MinMae

Ryker and MinMae, our first guests at Bliss Boarding. Ryker is a Rough Collie and MinMae is a Sheltie. These gorgeous, happy dogs belong to our longtime friend, Matt. We love your dogs!

Ryker and MinMae, our first guests at Bliss Boarding.

Fence and Outdoor Kennels are Ready

Our kennels and fence are ready for our outdoor guests. Yay! Anytime your dog is outdoors, in our fenced area, he will be under human supervision and enjoying playtime…. ball, fetch, chase, whatever he chooses…. After a good quality workout, when it is time to relax and nap away the afternoon, our “indoor” dogs will move inside and our “outdoor” guests will move into his own personal outdoor kennel under the trees.

Yes, you can choose where you wish to board your dog. We know some dogs are used to staying outdoors full time, and we want to offer him a place like he enjoys at home. The rate is $10- less per day for our outdoor guests. And, we know some of our pet friends are used to staying indoors most of the day, and these guests can choose our deluxe indoor boarding option. It’s your choice. Our aim is to offer a happy place for all our pets to stay, one similar to the good life at home.

Outdoor Kennels at Bliss Boarding Liberty Hill